Run Like A Champ: 7 Tips From Olympic Marathoner Hendrik Pfeiffer

August 18, 2023

German Marathon champion Hendrik Pfeiffer, known for his participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo (among many other running achievements), is gearing up for the prestigious Berlin Marathon and the New York City Marathon, where he'll be sporting the Amazfit Cheetah Pro. In this blog series, Hendrik will share seven tips for runners looking to start Breaking Limits.

Before racing into the tips, we'll let Hendrik Pfeiffer introduce himself:​​

A critical insight that I have gained over the course of my sports career and share with many professional runners is that consistency in training is the key to new personal bests. I have usually celebrated my greatest successes after solid and, at first glance, unspectacular training blocks with consistently high volumes. Not a single glamorous workout brings you to the next level. To manage consistency over a more extended period of time smoothly and without injury is, in my opinion, a much more significant challenge than delivering a few high-level workouts at certain points.​​

Sometimes it's tough to pull yourself together. Especially on days when you're already tired, or the weather conditions are adverse, there is a huge temptation to put your feet up and postpone training sessions. In the words of former European 10,000-meter champion Jan Fitschen, "Running is simple, but it's not easy." It's because running is not only a physical challenge but a mental one, too. Therefore, We should pay as much attention to our mental freshness and motivation as we do to training, regeneration, and injury prevention. With these upcoming blogs, I will share how I manage these challenges and how the smartwatch Amazfit Cheetah Pro can help you do the same.

​​See you in the next one!​

Hendrik Pfeiffer

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