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Zepp Health is committed to developing a more holistic approach to disease prevention and health promotion through its consumer brands.

1.4+ Billion

Adults are putting themselves at risk for chronic disease because of low physical activity levels.

2.5 Billion

People are projected to have some degree of impaired hearing by 2050, according to WHO.


Of adults worldwide report inadequate sleep.

70+ Million

Adults experience recurring sleep issues in the US.

Up Your Game

Founded in 2015, Zepp Health's Amazfit smartwatches and wearables are designed with every fitness level, health goal, and lifestyle in mind.

By owning the entire production process of our Amazfit watches from components to apps, we are able to create comprehensive health, fitness, and wellbeing support completely centered around you. Fueled by our powerful Zepp OS proprietary health management platform, our expansive Amazfit product roster is built to deliver unparalleled health tracking and has received awards from Red Dot and iF Design.

No matter your path forward, Amazfit is here to help you up your game.

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Your Body,
Your Rhythm.
Perfect Harmony.

Built by AI developers, musicians, software engineers, and a global team of experts across the fields of science and art, Zepp Aura is stress, sleep, mindfulness, and relaxation solution completely tailored to your physiological needs.

Featuring a scientific rhythm library crafted by professional music producers, sleep physicians, and engineers, Zepp Aura's AI Composer Brain creates a custom composition based on your real-time physical feedback, resulting in lower stress, better sleep, and a more relaxed state of being.

Hearing, Elevated

With more of the global population than ever entering senior citizenship and over 1.5 billion around the world facing hearing loss, Zepp Health made the creation of accessible, effective, and discrete hearing solutions a key component of our mission to help people live better, every day.

Supported by the company's hearable technologies and AI healthcare algorithms, and leveraging the expertise of leading audiologists, its discreet hearing aids, and its always-on data monitoring and analytics adapt to users’ lifestyles, delivering a personalized and advanced hearing system accessible to all.

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Supporting over 42 million daily active users in more than 90 countries across the world, our mission is to empower individuals to take control of their well-being through intelligent healthcare tools, and create a world where healthcare is a source of empowerment, inspiration, and joy for all.

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