Transforming healthcare through cutting-edge innovation

We offer dependable solutions to consumers, businesses and providers across the health ecosystem.

Consumer health & fitness solutions

Inspiring lifestyle change through personalized, actionable insights

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Smart health products & services

Our Zepp and Amazfit brands offer a broad range of smart device products including watches, wristbands, headphones, treadmills, weight & body fat scales, shoes, clothing, and other accessories.

Proprietary technology

Devices are fitted with our own AI smart chip, the HuangshanTM series, and our own sensor array, BioTrackerTM 2.

Global reach

We delivered over 64 million devices by end of Q2 2021, reaching 42 million active users in more than 190 countries. Zepp Health is a top 4 seller of smartwatch global shipments according to IDC.

Data insights & analytics

Diving deeper to improve health outcomes and reduce costs

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Population health management

Health data insights collected from devices provide granularity, frequency and longitude that is not available from claims or EMR data. 

Business solutions – including employee wellness, healthcare and insurance – are provided through PAI HealthTM, an independent subsidiary that offers data analytics including its own proprietary PAI Score metric. 

Smart health products

We have partnerships with over 20 independent research laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and universities to analyze anonymized data and develop algorithms that can detect or monitor health conditions and understand the effects of treatments. 

Medical diagnostics & care delivery

Faster, more flexible access to life-saving data

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Healthcare innovation

In 2020, we launched a new initiative to develop offerings of medical products and services for healthcare providers, extending our mission beyond consumer health. 

Medical imaging

We have partnered with several early-stage companies pioneering new, disruptive systems, which are changing the location, application and cost of medical imaging.